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December 7, 2013
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Owen Sound ELEMENTARY ENTRY by AnimaFreak0714 Owen Sound ELEMENTARY ENTRY by AnimaFreak0714

This is my entry for the contest at :iconaph-elementary:

Name: Julia Delilah Clark

City: Owen Sound (Ontario, Canada)

Nicknames: Jewel, Lia, Julie (Julie as in the French name)

Human age: 19

Subjects: Cafeteria, Textiles

Personality: Julia is a very sociable girl, although the slightest bit ditzy and the slightest bit lazy (depending on the situation). She adores to sing-song what she says, due to the fact that she thinks it suits her very light voice. While she can talk a mile a minute if you let her, if you have something important to say, she'll very eagerly listen to you. She always seems to beat around the bush. She doesn't easily anger, and does let some cuss words slip past her lips if she does, but she never get's violent.

Strengths: She is very agile, both in her body and her hands. She can easily adapt to changes.

Flaws: She gazes off into space every now and again, or forgets what she's supposed to be doing in favor of more "interesting" events.

Relations: ALFRED; Julia likes having him come and visit the caf, he always has something interesting to say to everyone.

MATTHEW; Julia see's Matthew as somewhat of a brother, she will always give him a gentle hug whenever she sees him.

MARICELLA; Julia likes Maricella as a friend, running all her gossip past her when she comes around.

FRANCIS; Julia sees him as the most god-like person in the world. Her major crush on him shows when she glances his way and makes googly eyes, yet when he so much as turns her way, she goes red in the face and stammers incoherently. She has approached him before, but she never properly communicates with him, always stammering out what she'd have to say. She has not openly confessed to anyone but Bella and Yekaterina about crushing on him.

BELLA & KATERINA; Julia is bffs with them. Bella, their leader of sorts, and Yekaterina are always attempting to get Julia to actually interact properly with Francis. Julia is somewhat envious of Yekaterina's breast size and Bella's determination. The three have a close, almost familial, bond.

HERACLES; Julia doesn't have much of an opinion on Heracles, although she always feels like taking to his side when he and Sadiq argue.

RAJAN & SOMCHAI; Julia doesn't interact much with these two, but she does find them to be good people. She enjoys their cooking as well.

GUPTA; Julia likes watching Gupta work sometimes, she is very fond of techniques in the kitchen. She'll often ask him for a suggestion on what to do if she has a problem making a dish and neither Bella nor Yekaterina have an answer for her.

YONG SOO; She is not very fond of Yong Soo, he makes her uncomfortable when he comes around ("Your breasts belong to me~" is a phrase she hears more often than she would have preffered.)

IVAN & NATALIA; Julia is utterly terrified of them, even if Yekaterina is always telling her that they're not so bad.

ERICA; She love Erica like a sister, She likes to listen to her talk about her big brother (Vash).

MEI; Julia and Mei are friends, Julia likes chatting with Mei about anything pertaining to textile work or fashion.

LARS; She can't stand him, even when she can only see him from a distance she glares at him with a burning passion. No ones really knows why.




-The color yellow

-Autumn weather temperatures.



-Jerks, Bullies, Meanies

-Slight heat, extreme cold

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X-I-L2048 Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Those chibis are really cute! :heart:
AnimaFreak0714 Dec 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you~
X-I-L2048 Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome.
angelliyesmadirector Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's cute.
AnimaFreak0714 Dec 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
(( um, my Philippines is named Maricela, not Marciella XD Thanks for entering my contest though! Your OC is cute! Just mind detailing a bit more about how your OC would get along with other members of the Cafeteria Subject? ^^ Also ahaha, if she's in Cafeteria, she may just have to approach Francis cuz of work~ :iconheplz: ))
AnimaFreak0714 Dec 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oops, I'll fix all that right away :iconoopsplz:
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